Dahi Idli

Dahi Idli | How to make Dahi Idli? | How to make South Indian dish Dahi Idli?

Whenever we heard the dish name “Idli”, what are the thoughts that come to your mind? Some of you may recognize it as a south Indian dish! Some of you might think of it as a simple dish to cook! and some of you think the dish has a delicious taste who like it! Many other different thoughts would also come to your mind.

 But if I would say that this south Indian dish or this simple and easy to cook a dish or for those who like it, can be modified in many others way then? If I say it can be cooked in many other ways then? The answer to this is “Yes” and also simple so that it would not be difficult for the one who doesn’t have extra time to cook or for those who can not able to cook or for those who are in search of the leftover Idlis. Today, I bought a very simple and delicious recipe with the Idli which is “Dahi Idli”.

With the name itself, it clears that the second ingredient in Dahi idli is Dahi or curd. You can make the Dahi idli when you don’t have time to cook with the leftover idlis. It takes almost 5-7 minutes to make Dahi idli. One should take care of one important thing while making the Dahi idli: The cooked idli not be hot.

It should be pre-cooked and should be at room temperature. Because if one is going to make Dahi idli with hot idlis and then curd will taste sour and something different than normal curd. With the list of ingredients mentioned below, one can make Dahi idli for about 3 persons.

The Ingredients for dahi idli are:

  • Cooked idli
  •  4 tbsp Whisked curd
  •  3 tbsp Dates chutney or tamarind chutney
  •  1/4 tbsp Cumin powder
  •  1/4 tbsp Coriander powder
  •  1/4 tbsp Red chilli powder
  •  Salt to taste
  •  Coriander


For Dahi idli, you need is one plate in which place 3-4 idlis in a manner that all the curd is reachable to every idli.

After that, add the whiskered curd ( to make whiskered curd you need to take curd in a pan, add 3-5 tbsp water for proper consistency and whisk the curd with the blender or hand blender till it becomes lumps free and smooth, and then add salt to taste and 2 tbsp of sugar and blend it again to dissolve the sugar) and then spread the curd to all idlis.

Then, add dates chutney or tamarind chutney about to 3-4 tbsp and spread it as same as curd, you can also use green chutney as well if you want to make the dish spicy.

Next, time to add spices, add 1/4 tbsp cumin powder ( for cumin powder you need to roast the cumin for 7-10 minutes on low flame and blend it in the form of powder after it cools down) or you can whole cumin instead, 1/4 tbsp coriander powder, 1/4 tbsp of red chili powder or you can add chopped green chilies for extra spicy, salt to taste and you can also add chaat masala.

The last step is to garnish the Dahi idli with freshly chopped coriander (you can also add the sev of your flavor to make the dish more attractive, it is optional). Dahi Idli is ready to serve.

Enjoy the Dish with your loved ones.

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