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Fried Chinese Idli

How to make Fried Chinese Idli? | Indo chinese Idli at home | How to make Crispy Fried Chinese Idli?

Is the Idli is your favorite or one of the most favorite or all-time dishes to eat? Are you a south-Indian food lover? Or want to make different things out of leftover idli?

If you have any of the above questions, then the answer is in this article or the recipe itself! In this recipe. Fried Chinese Idli, this recipe is a little bit different than normal Chinese idli, because in normal Chinese idli sometimes we are not able to have that crisp flavor in the dish because as we know idli are steamed and also soft.

The problem that occurs is that the idli is broken into very small pieces while cooking Chinese idli. That is the reason, I bought today the recipe Chinese idli into a modified version you can say! Fried Chinese idli is a very simple and tasty dish that can be present as snacks for the evening or as a starter at a party. It tastes delicious along with crisp flavor in it and also it contains vegetables which are good for health.  

Basically, the fried Chinese idli contains vegetables that are included in Chinese like cabbage, carrot, capsicum, etc. but you can also add other vegetables like mushrooms or any other vegetable of your choice. It is mostly loved by the children and youngsters of the family because of its Chinese version.

This recipe takes almost 40-45 minutes to make along with pre-preparation, the below mention list is for almost 4 persons to serve the dish.

List of ingredients :

  • Cooked idli (minimum 8)
  • 1/2 cup onion sliced
  • 1/2 cup carrot julienn
  • 1/2 cup capsicum sliced
  • 1 cup cabbage
  • Oil to fry
  • 2 tbsp ketchup 
  • 2 tbsp schezwan sauce
  • 1 tbsp green chilli sauce 
  • Salt to taste
  • Chopped coriander


To make Fried Chinese idli, Take a bowl and cut the cooked idli into the shape of cubes.

After that take a frying pan, add oil to fry the idli. As soon as the oil gets hot enough to fry pour the idli into the pan and fry it for 2-3 minutes on both sides till golden brown and crispy.

Then take another frying pan, add 2 tbsp oil, (you can garlic-ginger paste and chopped green chillies to make spicier before adding the vegetables) add sliced onion and saute on high flame, after that add carrot and again saute it on high flame, after that add sliced cabbage and capsicum, saute it for a minute on high flame.

Next step, add 2 tbsp ketchup, 2 tbsp schezwan sauce, 1 tbsp green chilli sauce (you can add another sauce of your choice), and mix it well on high flame.

 Add salt to taste and mix all the ingredients well, after add fried idli to the mixture and mix all together and cook it for a minute. You can add 2 tbsp water to maintain consistency.

For Gravy:

To make gravy fried Chinese idli, You just need to mix 1 tbsp cornflour in 1 cup of water and add to the pan, allowing it to cook till it becomes thick and glossy.

In the last step, add freshly chopped coriander for garnishing (you can also green onions for garnishing).

If you are making this recipe as a starter, you can follow all the above till the mixture of vegetables and keep it aside, you can add the fried idli and give a quick toss at the time of serving so that the idli would not get softer in a gravy.

Enjoy the dish with your Loved ones!

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