Chocolate Sandwich Cake

Sandwich Cake | Chocolate flavoured Sandwich cake

Meal is not said to be completed if it is without “Desserts. Desserts are like the corinder leaves, If the coriander leaves are not added in any dish it felt like an incomplete dish in taste and look as well, similarly Desserts also complete our meal just like coriander leaves. If you are in search of a easy dessert recipe, It is Sandwich Cake.

Sandwich Cake is very unique recipe of the dessert of the family. People may like different flavours, But chocolate is the most common and loveable flavour for everyone in the home. It is more loveable to the children as it has chocolate flavored. Also, it is a low-budget recipe, so that anyone could afford it and can enjoy the dessert at home in this pandemic situation. Here is the recipe of Sandwich cake or one can say Chocolate Sandwich Cake because It contains the chocolate flavour.

How to make the Sandwich Cake?

To make the Sandwich Cake, The list of ingredients is described below. It Takes almost 45minutes to make the sandwich cake if all the ingredients are prepared. You have to pre-prepare the things like melted chocolate and vanilla frosting (optional) or you can use the whipped cream instead. One can use different biscuits like Monaco, Parle-G, or any other.

You can also use chocolate of your flavor like white chocolate or compound chocolate or else you can merge the dark chocolate and white chocolate, or white chocolate and compound chocolate, or dark chocolate and compound chocolate as well. If anyone is a coffee lover and wants to go for a different coffee flavor and wants a more coffee-flavored taste of sandwich cake, instead of chocolate, then add more coffee powder according to the steps given below.

One can also add different things for garnishing like tutti-fruity or cherries or any other fruit or dry fruit of your choice. Also You can make this recipe colorful by adding a few drops of colors of your choice in whipped cream or vanilla frosting to make it more attractive.  

To make the Sandwich Cake,

 Here’s The List of Ingredients:

1. One slab of Dark Chocolate (Or White Chocolate)
2. Vanilla Extract Essence
3. Marie Biscuits
4. Butter
5. Coffee Powder
6. Vanilla Frosting or Whipped Cream
7. Crushed Biscuits for garnishing
8. One Cup or Mug


Take a Bowl of glass and place it in hot water to melt the dark chocolate slab (or White chocolate). Then take a cup or mug, 1/4tbsp of butter, and grease the cup.

After that take 1tbsp of melted chocolate and pour it into the cup and allow it to freeze for 10minutes.

Then, take one Marie biscuit and place it in the cup above the chocolate and pour 1/2tbsp of coffee water (mix 1tbsp of coffee powder and 1/4 cup of water) on a biscuit and the same process for another Marie biscuit and freeze it for 10minutes.

Now add 1tbsp of vanilla frosting or whipped cream and freeze for 5minutes. after that repeat the two-layered Marie biscuit as above and the last step 1tbsp chocolate place it on above and freeze for 10minutes.

If you want to avoid the last step you can also the chocolate at the top instead of the chocolate layer, after the whipped cream or vanilla frosting.

After that take the cup in water and remove the cake carefully. Garnish it with crushed Marie biscuits or with any other flavor biscuits or any other dry fruits of your choice. Enjoy the Dessert with your Loved ones.

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